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3. Setting & Enforcing Rules Against the Use of Alcohol & Other Drugs

As parents, we are responsible for setting rules for our children to follow. When it comes to alcohol and other drug use, strong rules need to be established to protect the well-being of a child. Setting rules is only half the job, however, we must be prepared to enforce the penalties when the rules are broken.

  • Be specific. Explain the reason for the rules. Tell your child what the rules are and what behavior is expected. Discuss the consequences of breaking the rules: what the punishment will be; how it will be carried out; how much time will be involved; and what the punishment is supposed to achieve.

  • Be consistent. Make it clear to your child that a no-alcohol/no-drug-use rule remains the same at all times-in your home, in a friend’s home or anywhere the child is.

  • Be reasonable. Don’t add new consequences that have not been discussed before the rule was broken. Avoid unrealistic threats such as, “Your father will kill you when he gets home”. Instead, react calmly and carry out the punishment that the child expects to receive for breaking the rule.


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