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4. Getting the Facts

As parents, we need to know about alcohol and other drugs so that we can provide our children with current and correct information. If we have a working knowledge of common drugs, know their effects on the mind and body, and the symptoms of their use, we can discuss these subjects intelligently with our children. In addition, well-informed parents are better able to recognize if a child has symptoms of alcohol or drug-related problems:

At a minimum, you should:

  • know the different type of drugs and alcohol most commonly used and the dangers associated with each;

  • be able to identify paraphernalia associated with each drug;

  • know what drugs look like;

  • know the signs of alcohol and other drug use and be alert for changes in your child’s behavior or appearance;

  • know how to get help promptly if you suspect your child may be using alcohol and other drugs.

For current information on alcohol and other drug use, the resource section in this guide can help direct parents to clearing houses, drug and alcohol prevention organizations, and parents groups—to name a few.


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Drugs Desciptions and Effects

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