Drug Abuse Symptoms Checklist

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Glassy or red eyes
Fatigue, lethargy or loss of vitality
Extremes of appetite
Swings from hyperactivity to sluggishness
Poor coordination
Slurred speech
Frequent physical complaints or injuries
Persistent cough
Frequent headaches or nausea
Excessive aspirin use


Most of his/her friends use drugs and/or alcohol
Believes that kids who use drugs or alcohol are more
      popular than those who do not
Has recently changed crowds or dropped childhood
      friends and no longer allows you to meet new friends,
      who call on the phone but do not come around. If they
      do, they are disrespectful toward you or your house,
      viewing it as merely a place for a pit stop
Frequent fights or arguments with friends


Losing motivation or interest in doing well
Drop in grades
Extracurricular activities abandoned
Often late for or absent from school:
      Falling behind in classwork
Suspended or expelled from school


Drug-oriented graffiti on notebooks or clothes
Poor memory
Distorted sense of time
Increasing irresponsibility about doing chores,
      getting home on time or following instructions
Borrowing of large sums of money without repayment
Inability to account for spending
Complaints or comments from neighbors, friends
      or relatives about child's behavior or attitude
Attempts to discipline are challenged or ignored
Clashes with the law
Argumentative attitude
Physical violence
Change in cleanliness or habits of dress


Lack of emotion, persistent apathy
Unpredictable responses to you
Defiance or aggressiveness
Frequent periods of withdrawal and solitude
Abandonment of plans or goals for the future