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Robert O'Reilly(L) and
Dr. Clive Chamberlain(R)

Deer Park Junior and
Senior Public School


Detective John Margetson
Metro Police,14th Division

The Canadian Don't Do Drugs Society together with the Outreach Committee staged a Community Forum at Deer Park Junior & Senior pertaining to "Kids and Drugs".

The event was chaired by Robert O'Reilly, Executive Director of The Canadian Don't Do Drugs Society. Speakers included Dr. Clive Chamberlain, chief psychiatrist of the Addictions Research and Mental Health Foundation and Detective Constable John Margetson, of Metro Toronto’s 14th Division. Also speaking was George from Alcoholics Anonymous addressing topics peculiar to his experience with cocaine and alcohol.

Several hundred students attended and they ranged in ages from 10 years to 15 years. The topic was approached from various angles and those attending were informed of the downside of adolescent and teenage substance abuse.

The Society wishes to thank everyone involved in both staging and attending the event. Special thanks to Mr. Manny da Luz of the Physical Education/Health Department and Principal Ms. Gen Ling Chang for inviting the Society to speak at their school.

Individuals wishing to either provide financial assistance to our Society or to inquire regarding further information of upcoming events can do so by contacting Robert O’Reilly at (416) 923-3779.




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