Activities and Events

  • Cycling from the Arctic to Mexico to Combat Drug Consumption

    The Cycling to Stop the Cycle Adventure will travel from the Northwest Territories of Canada through the Yukon, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington State, Oregon, and California... Learn More

  • Forum Meetings for Adults

    Recently, The Canadian Don't Do Drugs Society, together with the Outreach Committee, staged a Community Forum at Christ Church pertaining to "Kids and Drugs"... Learn More

  • Forum Meetings for Kids

    The event was chaired by Robert O'Reilly, Executive Director of The Canadian Don't Do Drugs Society. Speakers included Dr. Clive Chamberlain, chief psychiatrist of the Addictions Research and Mental Health Foundation and Detective Constable John Margetson, of Metro Toronto’s 14th Division. Also speaking was George from Alcoholics Anonymous addressing topics peculiar to his experience with cocaine and alcohol... Learn More


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    Drugs Desciptions and Effects

    Select a drug from the drop down menu to get more information from National Institute on Drug Abuse at :