Parent's Guide

(Management & Control)


1. Introduction

We thankfully acknowledge the generous donations and help given to us by hundreds of Corporations, Businesses, Professionals & thousands of families and individuals who have made possible the presentation of this book.

Child rearing is one of the most important tasks anyone ever performs, and the one for which there is the least preparation. Most of us learn
how to be parents through on-the-job training and by following the example that our parents set.

Today the widespread use of alcohol and other drugs subjects our children, families, and communities to pressures unheard of 30 or 40 years ago. Frankly, many of us need help to deal with this frightening threat to our children’s health and well being.

Recent surveys show that we are making progress in our national battle against some drugs. Casual use is declining, attitudes are changing, and we know more about what works to prevent drug use by our young people.

As parents, we can build on that progress in our on families by having strong, loving relationships with our children, by teaching standards of right and wrong, by setting and enforcing rules for behavior, by knowing the facts about alcohol and other drugs, and by really listening to our children.

To locate further resources please use Addictions-related Organizations in Canada at the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse .



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Drugs Desciptions and Effects

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