We need your help.

We would like you to get involved in our efforts to help kids to stay safe, away from drugs, contribute to a better world and have a better future and happier life.

Why should you volunteer?

  • You gain professional experience and skills by getting involved in a non-profit organization such as the Canadian Don't Do Drugs Society and build a foundation for your career in any field in the future

  • You learn how valuable it is to help others, especially kids and their families, by doing your share to build awareness and disseminate information on drug abuse

  • Volunteering enhances personal growth and self-esteem and the quality of your life

    What will you be involved in as a volunteer ?

    We would like your help in the following areas and activities:

  • Interacting with us on our social media pages, tweeter, Facebook and Blog

  • We need your thoughts, feedback , personal or witnessing experiences about drug abuse or addictions, success stories or any information that can be helpful to other kids to stay away from drugs and improve their life quality

  • If you like posting articles, we would like to apply your skills by posting them on our blog and Facebook page

  • You may also help us to expose our organization and its missions on social network to gain more publicity. This could be done by re-tweeting and sharing our messages and posts on Tweeter and Facebook.

  • Finding and redirecting donors to donate to our organization

    What you would gain by participating in our volunteer program:

    They say volunteers don't get paid, not because there is no value to their work, but because they are priceless. However we have the following incentives for our volunteers

  • You will be provided with a Letter of Participation and the amount of work you have contributed to the organization. This is useful for your volunteering reference for the institutions of Further Education and future employment

  • With registering and the first approved activity , such as Social Media interaction, posts, articles. We will send an online printable e-gift card ($10) from Tim Hortons

  • An incentive in the form of an electronic device, laptop, or apple device to the most active volunteer every three months

  • A biannual draw of gift among all our registered volunteers for winning an electronic device, laptop, or Apple device

    If you would like to join us, please complete our Volunteers Registration form here:

  • Your contact information is merely used by Canadian Don't Do Drug Society to communicate with you, according to our Privacy Policy

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